Voislav, Michael

Voislav, Michael

Historical Dictionary of Byzantium . .

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  • Michael IV Paphlagon —    Emperor (q.v.) from 1034 1041. He gained access to the court through the influence of his brother John the Orphanotrophos and the empress Zoe (qq.v.), Michael s lover and murderer of Romanos III (q.v.). The influence of John the Orphanotrophos …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • Duklja — Doclea or Duklja (Serbian Cyrillic: Дукља[a]) was a medieval state with hereditary lands roughly encompassing the territories of present day southeastern Montenegro, from Kotor on the west to the river Bojana on the east and to the sources of… …   Wikipedia

  • Stefan Dobroslav I Vojislav — was a Medieval ruler of Duklja (1018 1043). Stefan was a nickname originating from the Greek word Stephanos meaning crowned .Having reached its pinnacle during the long reign of emperor Basil II, the Byzantine empire entered, following his death… …   Wikipedia

  • Vojislav of Duklja — Stefan Vojislav Vojislav Dragomirović archon, and toparch of the kastra of Dalmatia, Zeta and Ston Prince of Serbs[1] Prince of Serbia[2] …   Wikipedia

  • Romanians of Serbia — Ethnic group group=Romanians of Serbia poptime=74,630 or 0.74% of Serbia s population (34,576 declared Romanians 40,054 declared Vlachs) popplace=Vojvodina, north eastern Central Serbia langs=Romanian/Vlach |rels=Predominantly Eastern Orthodox.… …   Wikipedia

  • Vlachs of Serbia — Ethnic group group=Vlachs (Romanians) of Serbia Rumâni din Sârbie poptime=50,000 (cens.) 245,700 (est.) popplace=Serbia: 40,000 langs=Vlach (Romanian) |rels=Predominantly Eastern Orthodox. Vlachs (endonym: Rumâni , Serbian: Власи or Vlasi ) are… …   Wikipedia

  • Constantine Bodin —    King of Zeta (Diokleia [q.v.]); proclaimed tsar of Bulgaria (qq.v.) in 1072. He was the grandson of Stefan Voislav (q.v.), who had rebelled against Byzantine control around 1034, and son of Michael Voislav, whose anti Byzantine policy along… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • Constantine Bodin — Prince of Dioclea (Dalmatia) Emperor of Bulgaria Reign 1081–1101 Coronation …   Wikipedia

  • History of Medieval Serbia — Тhe medieval history of Serbia begins in the 5th century AD with the arrival of the Slavs in the Balkans, and ends with the occupation of Serbia by the Ottoman Empire in 1459 with the fall of the Serbian capital Smederevo. The question of Serb… …   Wikipedia

  • Mihailo I of Duklja — Mihailo I Mihailo Vojislavljević King of Slavs (rex Sclavorum) Ruler of Tribals and Serbs Mihailo I on a fresco in the Church of St. Michael in Ston. Prince of Duklja / Prince of …   Wikipedia

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